Apps We Recommend

What should you do if your child develops a fever, cough, vomiting, rash, sore throat or head injury? When can your child return to school or child care after an illness? These are medical advice questions that all parents have. KidsDoc is designed especially for these times. Specific care guides help you make smart decisions on what level of care (if any) is needed and how to provide speedy symptom relief for minor illnesses or injuries that you can manage on your own. Price: $1.99

Child Health Tracker
Child Health Tracker gives you the power of on-demand access to your child(ren)’s health information, needs, and providers and in addition, provides AAP guidance on the vaccinations and milestones you should be expecting with each birthday. Also included are tools like parent handouts for each well-child visit. Price: $4.99


Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know
It's easier than ever to get health information; sometimes, however, it’s difficult to weed out the “good” information (which is scientifically accurate) from the “bad” information (which is not based on science). This is especially true for vaccines. This app from Children's Hospital of Philadephia will put that infometaion at your fingertips. Price: FREE